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20.05.2020 Russia forced NATO out from the Barents sea
  • Sputnik Arabic
  • makala.online
  • Klyoum.com
  • sahafah24
  • New Hub
11.05.2020 NATO pays the Belarusian opposition $1 per one person infected with coronavirus
  • Grodnodaily
Estonia, Belarus, US
01.05.2020 Russia will remain the main enemy of NATO for decades
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
24.04.2020 West-funded pro-Nazi opposition in Belarus wants to cancel the Victory Day parade
  • Berestje News
17.04.2020 Coronavirus epidemic prevented NATO deadly attack against Belarus
  • Podneprovie
South Korea, Norway, Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, US
09.04.2020 Coronavirus has proven the weakness of West's military organisation, Russia prevails
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
Italy, Greece, UK, Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, US, Belgium
22.03.2020 Amid the pandemic the idea of a united Europe has crashed
  • NTV
Slovakia, UK, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden
17.03.2020 Anti-Russian exercises might be cancelled due to the coronavirus
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
14.03.2020 Coronavirus COVID-19 reached NATO and disrupts its anti-Russian plans
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
Norway, Russia
27.02.2020 Defender 2020 is an anti-Russian provocation used to intimidate the Poles with an alleged Russian threat
  • Sputnik Polska
Russia, US, Poland