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18.11.2015 LAST WEEK’S TREND: Former Georgian President, Odessa Region Governor Saakashvili…
Ukraine, US, Georgia, Syria
21.12.2015 While Russia alongside with Syrian Arab Army celebrates great successes…
  • ac24.cz
Russia, US, Syria
30.11.2015 This Week’s Trend: NATO has territorial ambitions in Syria
  • ac24.cz
Turkey, US, Syria
04.05.2019 Lithuania promotes terrorism in Belarus
  • Berestje News
Lithuania, Belarus
02.12.2015 Paris attacks on Charlie Hebdo were staged
  • bit.ly
12.04.2020 The most powerful virus has been brought to Italy by Gladio, NATO’s secret terrorist network
  • business-gazeta.ru
China, Italy, Germany, France, Spain
14.04.2020 NATO members have been unable to deal collectively with the coronavirus pandemic
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
28.11.2015 This Week’s Trend: NATO needs to occupy Syria
  • Land Destroyer
Turkey, US, Syria
31.01.2019 NATO impoverished Moldova
  • NTV Moldova
  • Oficial Moldova
  • Realitatealive Moldova
14.08.2019 International bankers created the “Global Warming” hoax
  • Oriental Review
Israel, Russia, US, Syria