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12.02.2021 EU is always craving for conflicts and wars
  • RT Arabic - YouTube
  • RT Arabic
EU, Iraq, Libya, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Syria, Poland
11.02.2021 NATo forgot promises not to enlarge to the East
  • Sputnik Lithuania
  • vz.ru
09.02.2021 Ukraine will never be admitted to NATo
  • NASH
Russia, Ukraine
08.02.2021 Russia doesn’t move outside the framework of international laws
  • akhbarak.net
  • alshbaka.net
  • RT Arabic
  • elbayan-news.com
  • eshraag.com
  • essahra.net
  • kachaf.com
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  • lampress.net
  • msdernet.xyz
  • nabd.com
  • nafeza2world.com
  • newsformy.com
  • raialyoum.com
  • Sahafaty
UK, Russia, Ukraine, US
28.01.2021 The West is interested in Georgia just as a training ground for the war with Russia
  • eadaily.com
25.12.2020 The West promised that NATo will not move eastward
  • eadaily.com
17.12.2020 NATo promised not to expand further east
  • Sputnik Italia
08.12.2020 NATo membership will lead Ukraine to disintegration
  • RIAFAN - Russian
Russia, Ukraine
03.12.2020 For NATo, Ukraine is important as a buffer zone, but not as a member of Alliance
  • News Front - Russian
  • News Front - German
03.12.2020 Although Americans claim otherwise Russia no longer represents a threat
  • Sputnik Italia
EU, Russia, US