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15.05.2020 It is a lie, that the USSR along with Germany is responsible for the outbreak of the WWII
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
EU, Germany, US, Russia
14.05.2020 UK pushed Hitler to invade Eastern Europe
  • Sputnik Arabic
UK, Germany
13.05.2020 USSR made enormous efforts to create an anti-Nazi alliance with Western states before WWII, but the latter failed to support this idea
  • Sputnik Italia
UK, France, Germany, Russia
12.05.2020 The West has been trying to whitewash Nazi crimes
  • RT Arabic ,
  • ar.shafaqna.com,
  • Head Topics,
  • New Hub
USSR, US, Ukraine, Russia
11.05.2020 Ukraine and the Baltic states want to present the USSR as an “absolute evil” in WWII
  • Sputnik Poland
Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia
08.05.2020 By praising the Forest Brothers, NATO equated itself to the Nazi regime
  • Ahí les Va - YouTube
Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Latvia
08.05.2020 By defeating Nazism, Stalin atoned for crimes against his own people and saved other nations
  • Sputnik Italia
USSR, Czech Republic, Germany
08.05.2020 Western countries revise WWII history to evade responsibility for allowing Hitler to gather strength for the attack on the USSR
  • Sputnik Poland
UK, France, Germany, US, Russia
08.05.2020 Poland and Western democracies cooperated with Hitler
  • Sputnik Poland
UK, France, Poland, Germany, Russia
07.05.2020 USSR was forced to go to WWII only in June 1941
  • Sputnik Arabic,
  • maspero.eg,
  • makala.online,
  • sahafah24,
  • albidda.net,
  • Sahafah Net,
  • alkhabaralgded.com,
  • news.sahafahn.net
USSR, UK, France, Poland, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine