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01.04.2017 US and European allies invaded / occupy Ukraine, as there...
  • protiproud.parlamentnilisty.cz
Ukraine, Belarus, US
01.04.2017 The recent anti-regime Protests in Belarus were a failed attempt...
  • protiproud.parlamentnilisty.cz
UK, Belarus, US
03.04.2017 The recent mass Protests in Moscow against corruption in the...
  • "Vremya pokazhet" (3:06)
12.04.2017 Through the visa-free regime for Ukraine, the EU has approved...
  • protiproud.parlamentnilisty.cz
Hungary, Ukraine
26.04.2017 The CIA and Victoria Nuland helped the Ukrainian secret service...
  • hlavnespravy.sk
Russia, Ukraine
10.05.2017 The street Protests in Ukraine during Victory Day 9th of...
  • ‘Vecher s Vladimirom Solovyovym’@ Rossiya 1 (49:44)
15.06.2017 US funded laboratories in Armenia have a military purpose and...
  • Interview with protester on armtimes.com
Armenia, US
15.06.2017 First fruits of immigration processes in Europe: German family of...
  • csef.ru
Russia, Germany
20.06.2017 Swedish Radio gets in a pickle for rigging Protests
  • Sputnik
02.07.2017 The West practices double standards when dealing with Russia: it...
  • ‘Voskresnyi vecher s Vladimirom Solovyovym’ @Rossiya 1 (45:52)
Russia, US