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10.09.2020 George Soros: the multi-colour man
  • abrag.akwadon.com
  • abudhabi-news.com
  • akhbarak.net
  • albawaba.com
  • albidda.net
  • alderaah-news.net
  • Al Minasa Press
  • RT Arabic
  • arabipress
  • asharq-alarabi.com
  • bald-news.com
  • bawabaa.org
  • dmcnews.org
  • dmcnews.org
  • emeknes.com
  • Head Topics
  • kachaf.com
  • kol-masr.com
  • nabd.com
  • nabdapp.com
  • news-sinaa.com
  • news.albraq-news.com
  • skay.press
  • uk-arabicnews.com
  • uk-arabicnews.com
  • yaf3press.net
Kirgizstan, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Georgia
16.09.2020 The CIA is organising a colour revolution in the US to oust Donald Trump after the November 2020 elections
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
  • paulcraigroberts.com
05.06.2020 Washington is using its anti-Russian methods against China to cover the role of US labs in the coronavirus outbreak
  • Sputnik Spain
China, Russia, US
27.06.2019 Soros's sponsors in Romania have influenced public policy and street Protests
  • Sputnik Romania
17.01.2016 A new study by Ottawa University about Euromaidan events proves...
  • Zemavek.sk
01.06.2020 Bellingcat fuels US race riots, attacks RT over satire
  • RT (rt.com)
Russia, Ukraine
28.10.2019 Volunteers from Eastern Europe had a workshop on the organisation of "colour revolutions"
  • Sputnik Moldova
  • Sputnik Estonia
  • Sputnik Kyrgyzstan
Moldova, US
10.01.2020 US-Iran row showed that Russia has free hands to kidnap Lithuanian judges
  • RuBaltic
  • Imhoclub.by
Iran, Russia, Lithuania, US
17.08.2019 Britain and US are organising the Protests in Hong Kong
  • Strategic Culture Foundation
China, UK, US
03.12.2019 The US is sending Nazi militants of the Azov Battalion to Hong Kong Protests
  • NewsFront Spanish
  • The Saker
China, Ukraine, US