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29.04.2019 Belarus becomes an epicentre of West's struggle over Eastern Europe
  • RuBaltic Sozh Teleskop
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
27.08.2020 Colour revolution methodology used in Belarus
  • RT Arabic - YouTube
  • RT Arabic
Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia
12.11.2018 Donbas elections: Western countries today are dictatorships, in Donbas there is pure democracy
  • News Front
  • Ria Novosti
  • Komsomolskaya Pravda (Donetsk)
  • Rossiiskaya Gazeta
  • Baltnews
  • Dan News
07.01.2016 Russian Security Council report warns of downfall of the US...
  • orgo-net.blogspot.cz // svetkolemnas.info
Russia, US, Saudi Arabia
27.08.2020 USA, NATO and EU want to dictate to the people of Belarus a regime-change
  • RT Germany
EU, Belarus, US
27.03.2019 The West finances Belarusian opposition and NGOs to disrupt Belarus-Russia relations
  • RuBaltic
Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Belarus, US, Germany, Poland
17.02.2017 In 2014, the West provoked anti-government Protests of Ukrainians to...
  • RIA Novosti
Russia, Ukraine
14.08.2019 The Protests in Moscow were coordinated from the US
  • riafan.ru
12.08.2020 Ukraine and US are behind Protests in Belarus
  • nahnews.org
Ukraine, Belarus, US
19.06.2020 George Soros contributed to the evolution of American chaos
  • flux.md