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06.01.2015 Lviv university: Students using Russian social networks were banned from exams
  • lifenews.ru
  • Sputnik News Russian
Russia, Ukraine
05.04.2015 The war in Ukraine is directed solely against Russia
Russia, Ukraine
01.06.2015 As a result of anti-Russian propaganda, locals on Kamsholmen Island,…
  • Express Gazeta
Russia, Finland
24.10.2015 Jimmy Carter, former president of the USA supports Russian intervention…
  • orientalista.hu
Russia, US, Syria
28.10.2015 NATO soldiers in uniforms are scaring away Russian tourists from…
  • regnum.ru
Russia, Estonia
29.10.2015 The migration crisis diverts attention from “American invasion” of the…
  • hidfo.ru
Latvia, Russia, Baltic states, Estonia, Lithuania, US, Poland
06.11.2015 The Dutch MH17 investigation is biased, anti-Russian and factually inaccurate
  • Sputnik Sweden (closed)
Russia, The Netherlands
07.11.2015 Estonia is infringing on media freedom with the ban of…
  • Sputnik Norway (closed)
Russia, Estonia
08.11.2015 David Cameron threatened Putin with more attacks on Russian civilian…
  • webnovosti.info
UK, Russia, Syria, Egypt
08.11.2015 Ukrainian nationalists were never independent, they had to be guided…
USSR, Russia, Ukraine, US, Germany