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09.09.2020 Navalny poisoning: A massive disinformation campaign against Russia 
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
09.09.2020 Europe evacuated its secret agent Navalny; the poisoning is fake
  • News Front - Russian
Russia, Germany
09.09.2020 Russiagate is a Deep State-backed conspiracy theory
  • fort-russ.com
Russia, US
09.09.2020 Attack on Navalny was a false flag operation, just as the Skripal affair
  • News Front - Spanish
09.09.2020 To the West, Navalny is more valuable dead than alive as a propaganda tool
  • News Front - Spanish
09.09.2020 The Germans invented the bottle with Novichok to hide that they contaminated Navalny’s body fluids in Berlin
  • News Front - Spanish
Russia, Germany
10.09.2020 “Arrest” of 65 Russian planes for flights to Crimea is Kyiv’s revenge for the Wagnerites
  • Tsargrad TV
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
10.09.2020 Events in Belarus are organised by Poland, Lithuania, UK and various American foundations
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
UK, Lithuania, Belarus, US, Poland
10.09.2020 Russian relations with the West went bad after the return of Crimea
  • albidda.net
  • alderaah-news.net
  • Sputnik Arabic
  • dmcnews.org
  • emeknes.com
  • lomazoma.com
  • newsformy.com
  • saba.ye
  • uk-arabicnews.com
  • yaf3press.net
Russia, Ukraine, US
10.09.2020 The OPCW is by no means a trusted organisation
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
Germany, Syria