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24.12.2015 The Daily Telegraph published an article where Dutch investigators of…
  • TASS - Russian
Ukraine, The Netherlands
25.12.2015 This Week’s Trend: Algorithms changing human nature are applied in…
26.12.2015 18-year-old Russian opposition activist Vlad Kolesnikov did not commit suicide
  • Moskovskij Komsomolets
  • samara.sledcom.ru
30.12.2015 Ukrainian saboteurs were trying to kill Russian singer during his…
  • kp.ru
Russia, Ukraine
30.12.2015 The official history is a lie: There was nothing like…
  • othereal.ru
  • slawa.su
Mongolia, Russia
31.12.2015 Ukrainian soldiers raped a female Polish mercenary
  • News Front - Russian
  • pandoraopen.ru
Ukraine, Poland
31.12.2015 Several members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church serve the New…
Russia, Ukraine
02.01.2016 The West is to blame for what’s happening in Syria
  • globalresearch.ca
Russia, Syria
02.01.2016 Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolay Patrushev advocates the…
  • vesti.lv
Latvia, Russia, Baltic states, Estonia, Lithuania
03.01.2016 The West is to blame for what’s happening in Syria
  • New World Order Opposition
  • ac24.cz
Russia, Syria