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01.10.2020 Navalny poisoning may have been planned by the West to impose sanctions against Russia
  • Sputnik Germany
EU, Russia, Germany
17.05.2019 Russia lost PACE voting rights due to political discrimination
  • RT (rt.com)
Russia, Ukraine
25.03.2019 NATO is the 'North Atlantic Terror Organisation'
  • RT Deutsch
17.04.2019 NATO considers Russia an enemy and develops Cold War era thinking
  • Sputnik Deutschland
Russia, US
17.04.2019 The US wants to separate Europe from Russia and dominate in the region
  • Sputnik Deutschland
Russia, US
03.04.2020 Europe blaming others for its problems with claims about alleged coronavirus “Russian disinformation"
  • Sputnik Italia
EU, Russia
01.07.2019 The US keeps Poland on a short anti-Russian leash
  • Sputnik Polska
Russia, US, Poland
21.09.2020 The West’s attack against Belarus is also an attack against Russia
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
  • Geopolitica.ru - English
  • Geopolitica.ru - Spanish, Castilian
  • Geopolitica.ru - French
EU, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland
30.06.2020 Latvian authorities blinded by Russophobia: there is no link between Dmitry Kiselyov and RT
  • Sputnik France
  • rg.ru
  • kp.ru
  • ria.ru
  • riafan.ru
  • ria.ru
  • Sputnik Latvia - Russian
Latvia, Russia
26.06.2019 German media are Russophobic
  • Sputnik Deutschland
Russia, Germany