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16.05.2019 The European Commission suffers from Russophobia
  • Tsargrad TV
10.06.2019 Pre-schizophrenic condition of Finns might lead into a military conflict with Russia
  • Tsargrad TV
  • Newinform
  • Crime Russia - English
  • riafan.ru
UK, Russia, US, Finland
23.09.2019 The West has shown its cards: Russia must fall in 2021
  • topcor.ru
  • Tsargrad TV
Russia, US
15.03.2019 Russophobic fascist West wants Ukraine to destroy Moscow
  • Together with Russia
Russia, Ukraine
15.03.2019 The US and EU countries are Russophobic, fascist and Nazi regimes
  • Together with Russia
22.02.2018 EU and NATO's war agenda exposed
  • strategic-culture.org
Russia, Ukraine, US, The Netherlands
20.12.2019 Opposing the Union State of Belarus and Russia: an attempt to set up a geopolitical catastrophe
  • Teleskop-by.org
  • Sonar2050
  • Podneprovie
USSR, Russia, Belarus
07.03.2020 Pro-Western civil society in Ukraine and Belarus is a Fascist fifth column
  • Teleskop
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
17.10.2019 Russophobia as Western values: Baltic states' policies equals to Third Reich
  • Teleskop
  • Sozh
Kazakhstan, Russia, Baltic states, Belarus
09.06.2019 The goal of the "Chernobyl" series is to discredit the Belarusian power plant, Soviet legacy, and Belarus-Russia relations
  • Teleskop
USSR, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus