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03.05.2017 The Sanctions imposed on Russia were a response to Russia...
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Russia, Ukraine
31.05.2019 Russia Sanctions kill livestock in Finland
  • mv-lehti.net
Russia, Ukraine, Finland
09.02.2019 Large number of MEPs did not vote for anti-Maduro resolution
  • myvideo.ge Resource
13.03.2019 The West incites anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine
  • Nash TV Channel - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine, US
20.05.2016 NATO is preparing to start a war with Russia
  • New World Order Opposition
13.05.2019 Lithuania is afflicted by total Russophobia
  • Newinform
Russia, Lithuania
03.12.2018 EU countries adopting Sanctions in order to keep the unity
  • newizv.ru
Russia, Ukraine
31.01.2019 Süddeutsche Zeitung - an instrument of London and Washington for sowing hatred towards Russia
  • News agency REX
05.11.2020 Biden swears he will actively work against Russia
  • News Front - Bulgarian
Russia, US
15.07.2020 The United States is stopping Balkan Stream because of the political instability in Bulgaria
  • News Front - Bulgarian
Bulgaria, Russia, US