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23.02.2021 London accuses Russia of crimes, without ever presenting evidence. Tsargrad TV UK, Russia
19.02.2021 The West fabricated Navalny poisoning story to maintain myth of Russian aggression Pervyi Kanal - YouTube Europe, EU, UK, Russia
19.02.2021 Not a single member of the Russian opposition was effectively and consistently poisoned RT Germany - YouTube Russia
17.02.2021 EU has been consistently and deliberately breaking relations with Russia Sputnik Armenia - Russian EU, Russia
12.02.2021 EU is always craving for conflicts and wars RT Arabic - YouTube, RT Arabic EU, Libya, Iraq, Poland, Syria, Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia
08.02.2021 Europeans are victims of a series of Anglo-Saxon provocations against Putin and Russia Sputnik Belarus - Russian, Ria Novosti, Sputnik Lithuania - Russian EU, UK, Germany, US, Ukraine, Russia
01.02.2021 There is no proof about what happened to Litvinenko and the Skripals Vecher s Vladimirom Solovyovym @Rossiya 1 UK, Russia
27.01.2021 Germany organized a provocation around Navalny Ria Novosti, Sputnik Belarus - Russian, Sputnik Latvia - Russian, Sputnik Abkhazia - Russian, Sputnik Armenia - Russian EU, UK, Germany, US, Belarus, Russia
21.11.2020 Fakes about Russia: virtual attacks on Western states, poison attacks, and intentional plane crashes Sputnik Germany UK, Germany, Ukraine, Russia
13.11.2020 Navalny might have been poisoned in Germany 6060news.com, akhbarak.net, akhbaralyawm.com, Alalam TV, alarabi.press, alarabyanews.com, albawabhnews.com, albawabhnews.com, alekhbarya.com, alhassad.com.eg, alhilalalyoum.com, alkawthartv.com, alyemennews.com, RT Arabic , RT Arabic , RT Arabic , arabicradio.net, arabipress, bahrainhub.net, eltakrer.com, eshraag.com, gulf-one.com, innfrad.com, iraqnews-in.com, iraqnews-in.com, iraqnews-in.com, iraqnews-in.com, iraqnews-in.com, islamtimes.org, Khabar Masr, kol-masr.com, lomazoma.com, youm7.com, mangish.net, masress.com, menafn.com, Misr Alan, mulhak.com, mwatan.news, nafeza2world.com, nile.eg, rasd.news, saadaonline.net, saadaonline.net, saadaonline.net, sabq-sa.com, shamra, shorouk.news, shorouknews.com, wakalaagency.com, youm7.com Germany, Russia
12.11.2020 The OPCW has a policy of throwing baseless accusations  albawaba.com, alerfannews.com, almarsad.co, almehwartoday.com, Al Minasa Press, alwatanonline.com, RT Arabic , arabipress, athabat.net, copts-united.com, eltakrer.com, eshraag.com, hdhod.com, hebronlive.ps, iraqnews-in.com, iraqnews-in.com, keynews.ps, mail.lomazoma.com, mangish.net, msarnews.com, newpal.ps, raialyoum.com, rtarab.com, ru4arab.ru, saadaonline.net, sahafah24, Sahafaty, scoopinfo.net, shamra, sns.sy, syrcomparty.com, watira.com UK, Syria, Germany, Russia
29.10.2020 UK special bodies can be implicated in Yushchenko, Skripals, and Navalny poisoning Sputnik Belarus - Russian, Ria Novosti UK, Ukraine, Russia
24.10.2020 It is unclear, who really poisoned Sergei and Yuliya Skripal Sputnik Germany UK, Russia
21.10.2020 Skripal and Navalny cases are both fake, goal is to pit Germany against Russia RT Germany (old) UK, Germany, US, Russia
17.10.2020 The US spreads anti-Russian attitudes by inventing the Skripal case, coup d'état in Ukraine and Navalny poisoning Sputnik Poland EU, US, Russia
15.10.2020 An assassination attempt ordered by the Kremlin is the most improbable scenario for what happened to Navalny RT France - YouTube, RT France - Facebook EU, Russia
14.10.2020 The Navalny setup may be related to the success of Russia’s space programme RT Spanish Russia
13.10.2020 EU imposed Navalny-related sanctions on Russia despite lack of proof Vesti FM - YouTube EU, Germany, Russia
12.10.2020 EU is punishing Russia with baseless sanctions 6060news.com, ainousseraonline.com, alaan.org, albidda.net, albousla.ps, alkhabaralgded.com, alkhabaralgded.com, Sputnik Arabic, cartitleloanla.com, dmcnews.org, emeknes.com, essahra.net, Klyoum.com, Klyoum.com, lomazoma.com, nabd.com, news-sinaa.com, newsformy.com, ortas.online, sana.sy, sanasyria.org, skay.press, news.sahafahn.net, thawra, yaf3press.net UK, Germany, Russia
10.10.2020 Novichok is a purely "Western product" Sputnik Greece Germany, US, Russia