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25.05.2018 Investigation to MH17 reminiscent of the Skripal case as there was no evidence
  • Tass
Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands
05.09.2018 London is concealing information in the Skripal case
  • TASS
UK, Russia
07.09.2018 UK doesn't have any evidence of what happened in Salisbury, it wants to start an anti-Russian hysteria
  • Tass
UK, Russia
04.03.2019 The Skripal case is a "dead cat" trick used by UK to divert attention from Brexit
  • Tass Vesti.ru Gazeta.ru Komsomolskaya Pravda Sputnik France
UK, Russia
16.04.2018 Sergey and Julia Skripal were not poisoned by Novichok but by a different gas called BZ
  • svobodnenoviny.eu
Switzerland, UK, Russia, US
18.02.2019 Skripal poisoning was an MI6 operation
  • Svobodnaya Pressa
UK, Russia, US
11.12.2019 WADA's doping accusations, just like Skripal case an the downing of MH17 are Russophobic provocations
  • Stoletie
21.11.2019 NATO is fabricating spy affairs to disrupt Serbia-Russia relations
  • Sputnik SrbijaNova srpska politička misao Novine novosadske Nezavisne novine Pravda Source Olovka Online vesti IN4S Rezidencija News front
Serbia, Russia
04.08.2019 Latest US sanctions against Russia prove that the British version of the Skripal case was made up
  • Sputnik Srbija
UK, Russia, US
07.08.2019 London has no evidence of Moscow's complicity in Skripals' poisoning
  • Sputnik Moldova - Romanian
UK, Russia