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13.03.2016 The Ukrainian government derives its legitimacy not from the people,...
  • od-Novorossiya.livejournal.com
15.03.2016 The Syrian crisis is a direct consequence of US and...
  • topwar.ru
US, Syria
20.03.2016 WADA's "doping raids" against Russian athletes are part of the...
  • Alexander Goncharov (historian) on Yury Kotenok's video blog
23.03.2016 80% of Georgia's population supports normalisation of relations with Russia...
  • Georgia and the World (newspaper)
Russia, Georgia
27.03.2016 The terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels took place due...
  • "Voskresnyi vecher s Vladimirom Solovyevym"
  • political talk show
  • 1:02
Russia, Belgium, France
28.03.2016 After the US-led violent coup against the legitimate government of...
  • deutsch.rt.com
Russia, Ukraine, US
29.03.2016 There is an organized economic disruption in Ukraine, organized by...
  • e-republika.cz // novarepublika.cz // svobodnenoviny.eu
30.03.2016 The ultimate objective of the coup in Kyiv, organised by...
  • Igor Druz's blog on livejournal.com
Russia, Ukraine
30.03.2016 Western intelligence services use psychotronic weapons to control crowds and...
  • "Voyennaya tayna s Igorem Prokopenko"
  • YouTube channel
30.03.2016 The former president of France Nicolas Sarkozy stated that the...
  • geworld.ge
Russia, Syria, France