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03.03.2020 Russia fought the Ottoman empire to liberate Bulgaria
  • Russia Beyond
Turkey, Bulgaria, UK, Russia
30.03.2016 The former president of France Nicolas Sarkozy stated that the...
  • RT English
Russia, Syria, France
12.01.2016 Euromaidan was a coup. It was directed by the West
  • Sara Reginella Video Projects - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine
05.03.2020 The promotion of the so-called Katyn affair, falsely attributed to NKVD, was approved by Hitler
  • RIA Novosti
Russia, Poland
14.01.2016 European politicians are not interested in stopping migrants on their...
  • aeronet.cz
  • svetkolemnas.info
12.10.2017 Western politicians are demonising Russia and are russophobes
  • di.se
Russia, Sweden
17.07.2020 Terrorist-linked White Helmets stage false-flag chemical attacks in Syria
  • RT English
05.04.2019 The biggest producers of fake news are Western governments and media
  • Sputnik France
28.06.2020 The West is craving for lewdness
  • abrag.akwadon.com
  • akhbarlibya
  • albidda.net
  • Al Minasa Press
  • RT Arabic (ar.rt.com)
  • eltakrer.com
  • Head Topics
  • kol-masr.com
  • nadormagazine.com
  • newsaliraq.com
  • rtarab.com
  • saadaonline.net
  • sabq-sa.com
  • sportnewsps.com
Russia, US
30.03.2020 China's successful handling of the coronavirus stems from its understanding of human rights, unlike the US and Europe
  • RT English
EU, China, US