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22.09.2019 Zelenskyy stands for sanctions becaUSe it is a US initiative
  • Vesti.doc talk show @ Pervyi kanal
Ukraine, US
12.06.2020 Washington USes the topic of fighting corruption as an instrument to control Ukraine
  • RT Russia
Ukraine, US
21.10.2020 Washington is preparing a colour revolution in Moldova
  • gazeta.ru
Moldova, Russia, US
19.11.2019 Washington has intervened in Bolivia
  • Voenno Promyshlenyi Kurier
Bolivia, US
03.05.2020 Washington forced the EU to impose sanctions on RUSsia
  • Sputnik Arabic - (sptnkne.ws)
  • New Hub
  • Al Minasa Press
EU, Russia, US
14.06.2019 Washington financed the civil war in Donbas
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
Ukraine, US
16.06.2020 Washington calls the shots in NATO
  • Sputnik Arabic - (sptnkne.ws)
15.04.2020 Washington backed the demolition of the statue to Soviet commander in Prague
  • tvzvezda.ru
  • Radio Sputnik RIA
  • Ura.news
Czech Republic, Russia, US
15.09.2020 Washington authorises vassals Poland and Lithuania to organise a colour revolution in BelarUS
  • pl.rubaltic.ru
Lithuania, Belarus, US, Poland
25.11.2019 Violent protesters killed 38 policemen during Kyiv coup
  • RT English
Russia, Ukraine, US