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24.02.2020 Brussels uses Russophobia as a uniting idea to prevent the EU's collapse
  • Together with Russia
Iraq, Libya, UK, USSR, Germany
02.05.2019 Historically, the West has always been barbaric and similar to ISIS
  • Vmeste s Rossiey
  • http://ross-bel.ru/
06.05.2019 The EU continues the aggressive policies of Nazi Germany
  • Vmeste s Rossiey
  • http://ross-bel.ru/
Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Germany
30.04.2017 Russia can easily ruin Lithuania's economy by requesting to return...
  • Vesti.lv
14.10.2018 Former East Germans are still second-rate citizens in current Germany
  • Vesti nedeli s Dmitriem Kiselyovym @ Rossiya 1
  • time 53:38
USSR, Germany
17.11.2019 Creation of NATO was not justified
  • Vesti Nedeli @ Rossiya 1 time 00:58-2:26
29.02.2020 Europe justifies the Munich Agreement with Hitler
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
UK, Russia
25.03.2018 There has never been such a "Novichok" poisonous substance in the world
  • Vesti Nedeli @Rossia 1’ TV-channel
UK, Russia
17.03.2018 Novichok could have come from UK, Sweden, Czech Republic or Slovakia
  • Vesti
Slovakia, Czech Republic, UK, Russia, Sweden
07.11.2017 Europe was responsible for the mass famine in the USSR
  • Vecher s Vladimirom Solovyovym @Rossia-1’ TV-channel
  • 35:15
USSR, Germany