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15.05.2020 The CIA ordered its puppet Zelenskyy to extend sanctions against Russian social media
  • News Front - Spanish
Russia, Ukraine, US
20.05.2020 Sanctions against Russia are ineffective
  • Sputnik France
EU, Russia, France
11.05.2020 US and EU congratulate DNR and LNR on Independence Day
  • dan-news.info
  • Baltnews Estonia
EU, Ukraine, US
23.05.2020 US organises colour revolutions around the world, Ukraine is one of the projects
  • Polnyi contact - Radio Vesti
Ukraine, US
24.05.2020 Joe Biden was personally profiteering in Ukraine
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
Ukraine, US
19.05.2020 Only a few thousand Muslims live in Ukraine, they do not need public holidays
  • News Front - Russian
21.05.2020 Crimean Tatars in Crimea receive great support from Russia
  • tass.ru
  • News Front - Russian
Russia, Ukraine
22.05.2020 UN Security Council held honest dialogue with Russia about Crimea
  • crimea.ria.ru
  • gazeta.ru
  • RT Russia
EU, UK, Russia, Ukraine, US, France
27.05.2020 Kyiv occupants are robbing residents of citizens of the Donetsk region
  • News Front - French
22.05.2020 Zelenskyу introduces tax on war and coronavirus in Ukraine
  • News Rambler
  • riafan.ru