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09.10.2018 The recent ammo depot explosion in Ukraine was meant to hide evidence on MH17
  • vz.ru
  • tvzvezda.ru
  • Tsargrad TV
  • Moskovskij Komsomolets
  • ukraina.ru
Russia, Ukraine
04.10.2019 Ukrainian biometric passports were introduced to "cut off" residents of uncontrolled territories
  • vz.ru
11.01.2020 Ukraine never apologised for downing a Russian passenger plane in 2001
  • Vzglyad
Iran, Ukraine
02.10.2019 Narrative claiming “downing of the MH17 was Russia's fault" begins to fall apart
  • Golos Moldova
  • vz.ru
  • agitpro.su
Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands
25.03.2016 The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is in full subordination...
  • warfiles.ru
Ukraine, US
12.01.2016 Ukraine is the new base for ISIS fighters
  • interfax-religion.com
  • News Agency Novorossia - YouTube
Iraq, Ukraine, Syria
15.11.2015 Media have forgotten about the 286 women who were shot...
  • Webtribune.rs
26.01.2016 FSB discovered a mysterious map carried by illegal migrants
  • whatdoesitmean.com
Russia, Ukraine, US
30.01.2016 Hillary Clinton's top secret emails will be used in the...
  • whatdoesitmean.com
Ukraine, US
21.03.2016 Flydubai Flight 981 was destroyed by two shoulder-fired missiles of...
  • whatdoesitmean.com
Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, US