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21.12.2020 OSCE has repeatedly stated that there is no Russian army in LDNR
  • News Front - Russian
Russia, Ukraine
19.12.2020 Russophobic historical concepts, including so-called holodomor-genocide, have brought Ukraine to a civil war
  • Ritm Evrazii
07.12.2020 Ukraine is facing a second Donbas in Transcarpathia
  • News Front - Hungarian
  • lenta.ru
  • Ria Novosti
  • ren.tv
  • Radio Sputnik RIA
  • life.ru
  • news.ru
  • gazeta.ru
  • Moskovskij Komsomolets
  • RIAFAN - Russian
  • rossaprimavera.ru
  • Pravda.ru
  • fedpress.ru
  • runews24.ru
Hungary, Ukraine
06.12.2020 Russia is not a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict
  • Ritm Evrazii
Russia, Ukraine
30.11.2020 A civil war began in Ukraine after the clique seized power in the country
  • asd.news
27.11.2020 Donbas and Syrian conflicts are US-sponsored proxy wars
  • Sputnik English
Russia, Ukraine, US, Syria
23.11.2020 After Euromaidan Ukraine lost its sovereignty and is falling apart
  • asd.news
23.11.2020 The Euromaidan coup caused the breakout of civil war in Eastern Ukraine
  • News Front - English
Russia, Ukraine
20.11.2020 Donbas rebelled because Russians in Ukraine were subjected to ethnocide
  • ukraina.ru
Russia, Ukraine
11.11.2020 The OSCE confirmed that the Ukrainian Army attacks civilians
  • News Front - Hungarian