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13.12.2019 Ukraine is under occupation by people from Lviv
  • Vremya pokazhet @ Pervyi kanal time 45:43 - 46:10
05.12.2019 Ukraine will disintegrate by 2023, the US-ruled occupying regime will take living space away from Ukrainians
  • RuBaltic
Russia, Ukraine, US
04.12.2019 The Union State of Belarus and Russia saves post-Soviet countries from pro-fascist West
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, US, Poland
28.11.2019 Fascists and terrorists rule Ukraine, it is totally like Hitler's Nazi Germany
  • Sonar2050
  • Teleskop
Russia, Ukraine, US, Germany
24.11.2019 Ukraine is governed from abroad and has lost its territories because of "Russophobia"
  • Russian Channel 1 time 00:29-01:29
19.11.2019 Residents of Donbas will be forcibly relocated to Lviv for re-education
  • 60 minut @ Rossiya 1 time 01:46 - 02:05
12.11.2019 The entire population of Ukraine fears 15,000 neo-Nazis
  • 60 minut @ Rossiya 1 (46:00 - 48:00)
03.11.2019 The EU is fed up with Ukraine, it invariably faces a civil war and complete disintegration
  • Regnum
Russia, Ukraine
03.11.2019 Ukraine has lost half of its population over the past 30 years
  • Politpuzzle
01.11.2019 Guerilla warfare and complete disintegration are coming to the US-controlled Ukraine
  • Regnum
Ukraine, US