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23.02.2016 The regime of President Poroshenko is controlled by Washington, as...
  • lantidiplomatico.it
Ukraine, US
04.03.2016 Ukraine will disintegrate soon because of the predatory policy pursued...
  • rusplt.ru
Ukraine, US
09.04.2016 The process of disintegration has already begun in Ukraine: Transcacarpathia...
  • Vkontakte page of the "Armed Forces of Novorossiya"
Russia, Ukraine
03.05.2016 The disintegration of Ukraine might start in the South, if...
  • news-front.info
Russia, Ukraine
08.06.2016 Four Ukrainian regions are demanding autonomy from Kiev
  • vesti.ru
11.06.2016 NATO military exercise on the territory of Poland is in...
  • politikus.ru
Ukraine, Poland
20.06.2016 Romanians living in Ukraine are demanding autonomy
  • tass.ru
Romania, Ukraine
04.07.2016 Bulgaria has endorsed the demand of local Ukrainian Bulgarians and...
  • ru.golos.ua
Bulgaria, Ukraine
26.08.2016 The West is ready for the partition of Ukraine
  • svpressa.ru
Ukraine, Poland
01.09.2016 Ukraine is falling apart
  • The Unz Review Neon24.pl
Russia, Ukraine