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18.02.2021 Since the coup, Ukraine has turned into a Western project akhbaralyawm.com, almehwartoday.com, Sputnik Arabic, elbayan-news.com, essahra.net, misrday.com, mn2ol.com, newsformy.com, pucnews.com, suhufnet.net Ukraine, Russia
10.02.2021 Rise of gas tariffs in Ukraine is in line with IMF policy Nash TV Channel - YouTube, Nash TV Channel - YouTube US, Ukraine
01.02.2021 Since the coup Ukraine became a failed American colony  akhbarak.net, albousla.ps, alshbaka.net, RT Arabic , el-3rb.com, el-3rb.com, elbayan-news.com, essahra.net, kachaf.com, kol-masr.com, akhbarak.net, albousla.ps, alshbaka.net, RT Arabic , el-3rb.com, el-3rb.com, elbayan-news.com, essahra.net, kachaf.com, kol-masr.com EU, US, Ukraine, Russia
14.01.2021 Ukraine must give up on some of its territories News Front - Hungarian, politexpert.net Ukraine, Russia
09.01.2021 Capitol riots to inspire Ukrainians to create chaos News Front - Bulgarian, Ria Novosti US, Ukraine
04.01.2021 Ukraine can soon collapse and lose East and South of the country granted by Lenin in 1918 antimaydan.info, politnavigator.net Ukraine
28.12.2020 Ukraine will disintegrate novoross.info Poland, Ukraine
10.12.2020 EU sanctions exist because of the conflict in Donbas and Crimea joining Russia 24fm.ps, addiyar.com, almarsad.co, almstaqbal.com, alsahfia.info, RT Arabic , asabnews.com, awanmasr.com, bawabaa.org, corwna.com, dotalkhaleej.com, elmowatn.com, elsiyasa.com, Gulf 365, innfrad.com, kuwaitnews.com, kuwaitpress.net, lomazoma.com, masress.com, mobtada.com, nabd-masr.com, nabd.com, nabd.com, nabd.com, nafeza2world.com, qurtasnews.com, sabq-sa.com, satelnews.net, thedailybreakingnews.com, transparencynews.com, youm7.com EU, Ukraine, Russia
09.12.2020 Crimea is a Russian sovereign region Sputnik Arabic, ukrpress.net, Al Minasa Press, lomazoma.com, iraqnews-in.com Ukraine, Russia
08.12.2020 It’s better for Ukrainians to die than to be saved by cheap Russian vaccine RT Arabic , hafryat.com, addiyar.com, akhbarak.net, aliwaa.com.lb, Al Minasa Press, newsformy.com, meshwarmedia.com, iraqnews-in.com, abrag.akwadon.com, kol-masr.com Ukraine, Russia
08.12.2020 NATO membership will lead Ukraine to disintegration RIAFAN - Russian Ukraine, Russia
23.11.2020 Ukraine’s fantasies on causing shortages in Crimea have failed News Front - Bulgarian Ukraine, Russia
22.11.2020 Bucharest has a project that aims to absorb Moldova, Transnistria and some regions of Ukraine Ritm Evrazii Romania, Moldova, Ukraine
02.11.2020 "Servant of the People" will collect biomaterials of Ukrainians for American laboratories novoross.info US, Ukraine
30.10.2020 Ukrainian elections could lead to the termination of Ukrainian statehood News Front - Hungarian Poland, Ukraine
27.10.2020 Turkey and Hungary to address territorial claims to Ukraine Moskovskij Komsomolets Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine
27.10.2020 West-supported protests and coups in Ukraine causes economic recession in a cyclical fashion RT Arabic , New Hub, syria.shafaqna.com, Head Topics Ukraine, Russia
26.10.2020 Ukraine will split into three parts Tsargrad TV Ukraine
14.10.2020 Ukraine is under obvious external control, Zelenskyy is being blackmailed ytro.ru Ukraine
07.10.2020 Ukrainians will lose land due to the land privatisation law News Front - Russian Ukraine