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11.05.2020 Ukrainian General Staff intends to drive migrant workers to Donbas until they return back to Europe
  • novoross.info
07.05.2020 In order to join the EU Western Ukrainians are ready to secede to Poland
  • News Front - YouTube, Russian
EU, Poland, Ukraine
05.05.2020 Ukraine is in the hands of nationalists and American puppets
  • pravdoryb.info,
  • Tsargrad TV
US, Ukraine
04.05.2020 Zelenskyy has lost the trust of Ukrainians
  • jpgazeta.ru
01.05.2020 Ukraine's collapse accelerates, its regions are moving towards Russia without regard to Kyiv
  • versia.ru,
  • pravdoryb.info,
  • rusonline.org,
  • novo24.ru,
  • mpsh.ru,
  • rusmatica.org,
  • newsland.com,
  • e-news.pro,
  • e-news.su,
  • Oko Planet,
  • InfoRuss,
  • cont.ws,
  • rusnod.ru,
  • Imperiya News,
  • aftershock.news,
  • rusfact.ru,
  • politinform.su
Ukraine, Russia
29.04.2020 Ukraine lost territorial integrity after Zelenskyy signed the land market law
  • dnr-pravda.ru
25.04.2020 "Hunger riots" sweep across Ukraine
  • News Front - French
24.04.2020 Secret US laboratories in Ukraine might have provoked cholera, Ukraine is under external US rule
  • rg.ru,
  • TASS - Russian
US, Ukraine
24.04.2020 In Ukraine, power is seized by Nazis
  • Komitet spaseniya Ukrainy
20.04.2020 The fate of Donbas is decided by nationalists not Zelenskyy
  • News Front - Russian