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18.10.2020 According to a US plan, Ukraine must become an agrarian state with widespread poverty
  • nahnews.org
  • Baltnews Latvia
  • argumenti.ru
  • golfstriminform.ru
  • versia.ru
EU, Ukraine, US
15.05.2020 Americans incited Ukrainians to destroy the Crimean bridge
  • utro.ru
Russia, Ukraine, US
28.07.2020 Americans want Ukraine to grow GMO products
  • News Front - Russian
28.09.2018 An enormous number of Russian-speaking hostages in Ukraine
  • 60 minut @Rossiya 1 - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine
23.04.2019 At least 9 million Ukrainians support civil war, political terror and extrajudicial killings
  • Sputnik Belarus
04.12.2020 At the will of its residents, Crimea is Russian
  • alhilalalyoum.com
  • Al Minasa Press
  • Sputnik Arabic
  • iraqnews-in.com
  • lomazoma.com
  • newsformy.com
  • suhufnet.net
Russia, Ukraine
11.05.2020 Belarus will either become part of Russia or the West’s poor colony
  • politnavigator.net
  • Russkaya pravda
  • rusonline.org
Russia, Belarus, US
22.10.2019 Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine are three Russian political nations
  • Imhoclub
  • Sozh
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
07.06.2019 Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians are the same nation
  • Sputnik Germany
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
19.10.2020 Biden wants to legalise the sale of drugs in Ukraine
  • antifashist.com
Ukraine, US