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25.09.2020 Euromaidan and pro-European politics led to the collapse of Ukraine
  • nk.org.ua
EU, Ukraine
17.07.2019 Euromaidan protests were orchestrated by the U.S. and other Western countries
  • fondsk.ru
UK, Ukraine, US
27.04.2020 Euromaidan was organised by the Americans
  • vz.ru
Ukraine, US
21.07.2020 Europe has decided that Ukraine is not needed as a state
EU, Ukraine
25.06.2019 Europe supported Ukraine as an anti-Russian project and for this Ukrainians paid a colossal price
  • Vremya Pokhazhet @ Pervyi Kanal (50:43 - 51:54)
31.05.2020 European politicians are to blame for what happened in Ukraine in 2014
  • Polnyi contact - Radio Vesti
EU, Ukraine
27.01.2020 Expert: The coronavirus will kill Ukraine in days
  • Polit Navigator
10.12.2019 External forces dictate to Ukraine how to solve its internal problems
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
06.03.2018 For 25 years, Russia has supported – artificially supported – the independence of the so-called Ukraine with the help of cheap gas
  • Petr Tolstoy's "Vremya Pokazhet" - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine
21.12.2020 For the US and Europe, Ukraine is just a training ground against Russia
  • asd.news
  • segodnia.ru
  • argumenti.ru
  • chervonec-001.livejournal.com
  • News Front - Russian
EU, Russia, Ukraine, US