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03.02.2020 The US wants to destroy Belarusian economy and Statehood
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
Russia, Belarus, US
03.02.2020 The US plans to turn Belarus into its colony, a coup and foreign military invasion may happen
  • Voennoye Obozrenie
  • Fishki.net
Russia, Baltic states, Belarus, US, Poland
29.01.2020 Pro-Western development would mean the end of Belarus
  • Ukraina.ru
Russia, Belarus
21.01.2020 Without all-Russian civilization Ukraine lost its sovereignty, now Belarus is under risk
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
17.01.2020 Belarus and the Russian Federation are parts of Russia. Sooner or later, our country will be united.
  • Sputnik Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Georgia
Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Georgia
11.01.2020 The EU is trying to disrupt Belarus-Russia relations
  • Teleskop-by.org Rosbelsoyuz Grodnodaily
Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland
09.01.2020 The US plans to turn the Baltic States into an empty field and arena for Drang nach Osten against Russia
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
  • Rossbelsoyuz.su
Russia, Baltic states, Belarus, US
20.12.2019 Opposing the Union State of Belarus and Russia: an attempt to set up a geopolitical catastrophe
  • Teleskop-by.org
  • Sonar2050
  • Podneprovie
USSR, Russia, Belarus
19.12.2019 Poland is behind December protests against Belarus-Russia deeper integration in Minsk
  • Teleskop-by.org
Russia, Belarus, Poland
13.12.2019 Normandy summit results: the EU plays on Russia’s side and betrayed Kyiv, no bright future for Ukraine
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France