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13.09.2020 Protests in Belarus are driven by Americans from the center near Warsaw
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
Poland, US, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia
04.09.2020 The West falsified Navalny's poisoning to prevent Russia's actions in Belarus
  • Sputnik South-Ossetia
EU, Belarus, Russia
31.08.2020 The "soft hand" of the West tries to influence the situation in Belarus
  • Sputnik Azerbaijan - Russian,
  • aqreqator.az
Belarus, Russia
18.08.2020 Belarus opposition wants to get rid of the Russian language
  • RT Arabic ,
  • RT Arabic - YouTube
Belarus, Russia
18.08.2020 Poland is behind the protests in Belarus, Lukashenka needs to make the country part of Russia
  • politnavigator.net
Poland, Belarus, Russia
13.08.2020 Belarus is part of Russia, temporary independence does not change anything
  • Sputnik Abkhazia - Russian
12.08.2020 Warsaw and Vilnius are worsening the political crisis in Belarus
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
Poland, Belarus, Lithuania
12.08.2020 Poland and Lithuania are the main destabilising sources for Belarus and Belarus-Russia relations
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia
11.08.2020 "Lublin Triangle" - the organiser of the coup in Belarus
  • News Front - Russian
Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine
03.08.2020 Only 10% of Belarussians oppose the Union with Russia
  • 60 minut @Rossiya 1 - YouTube
Belarus, Russia