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16.03.2020 US uses fascist instruments to control satellite countries
  • News Front - YouTube, Russian
US, Georgia
16.03.2020 Coronavirus was created in the USA, at Fort Detrick
  • Tsargrad TV
China, US
16.03.2020 Coronavirus is definitely an act of American warfare
  • RT Arabic
  • RT Arabic - YouTube
China, US
16.03.2020 Coronavirus is a biological weapon created artificially
  • Progressnews
  • cont.ws
China, US
14.03.2020 Coronavirus was created in a laboratory
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
13.03.2020 US preparing a military invasion of Mexico
  • Sputnik Spain
Mexico, US
10.03.2020 US special forces deployed with Al Qaeda in Idlib to carry out false flag attacks
  • News Front - Spanish
US, Syria
10.03.2020 Russian land-seizing is such a crazy European paranoia
  • RT Arabic
Russia, US
06.03.2020 No evidence Russian media is accusing the US of inventing coronavirus
  • RT Arabic
China, US
04.03.2020 US Department of Defense has a secret biological laboratory in Georgia
  • Sputnik web Arabic
  • majestynews
  • fatehgaza
  • gulfstory
  • albidda
  • saadaonline
  • bbcnews1
  • innlebanon
Russia, US, Georgia