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15.11.2020 The Baltic countries had well-developed economy during the Soviet era
  • Journal of New Eastern Outlook
Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania
15.11.2020 Zelenskyy to create “death camps” in Donbas
  • lenta.ru
13.11.2020 Ukraine will force resettlement on everyone with a Russian passport
  • dontimes.ru
12.11.2020 Ukrainian fascism is directed by US fascism in foreign policy
  • ukraina.ru
  • nk.org.ua
Ukraine, US
11.11.2020 British intelligence officers prepared the MH17 crash
  • antimaydan.info
  • ukr-leaks.com
UK, Russia, Ukraine
11.11.2020 The OSCE confirmed that the Ukrainian Army attacks civilians
  • News Front - Hungarian
10.11.2020 International blockade of Crimea will end since Nicaragua opened a Consulate there
  • Sputnik France
  • Sputnik Spain
  • Sputnik Germany
Russia, Ukraine
09.11.2020 American ‘Deep State’ will continue a hybrid War against Russia through Joe Biden
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
Russia, Ukraine, US
06.11.2020 Biden’s presidency will lead to new War in Ukraine
  • RIAFAN - Russian
Ukraine, US
06.11.2020 Biden is a War criminal who is behind Ukrainian nationalist regime
  • Naspravdi.info
Ukraine, US