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11.12.2020 The West wants to discredit Sputnik V vaccine
  • Sputnik Lithuania
  • News Front - German
EU, Russia, US
11.12.2020 Discrediting Sputnik V is a military effort by NATO member states to contain Russia
  • Sputnik Georgia
  • Ria Novosti
  • gazeta.ru
  • TASS - Russian
  • rg.ru
Georgia, Russia, US
11.12.2020 The West is financing a disinformation campaign against the Russian vaccine Sputnik V
  • Sputnik Italia
EU, Russia, US
11.12.2020 The West is campaigning to discredit the Sputnik V vaccine
  • News Front - Bulgarian
10.12.2020 Crimea reunited with Russia after a referendum and Russia is not part of the conflict in Ukraine
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
Russia, Ukraine
10.12.2020 Europe attacks Russia in “vaccines’ war”
  • Sputnik Greece
EU, Russia
09.12.2020 Ukrainian Information and psychological operations groups aim to discredit the Russian vaccine
  • novoross.info
UK, Russia, Ukraine
09.12.2020 The EU creates a “Ministry of lies”
  • News Front - Spanish
  • News Front - Russian
  • Ria Novosti
EU, Russia
09.12.2020 Russia developed the first COVID vaccine, thus Russia’s assessment of Navalny’s health is correct
  • RT France - YouTube
  • RT France - Twitter
  • Facebook resource
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Russia, Germany, France
09.12.2020 In the West there is censorship like in Soviet Union in Solzhenitsyn times
  • RT France - YouTube
  • RT France - Facebook
  • RT France - Twitter
  • Embassy of the Russian Federation in France
EU, Russia, US