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13.01.2021 Lithuania and Estonia violate freedom of speech
  • Izvestia
  • Ria Novosti
Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania
13.01.2021 The SS reflects the modern ideology of the Latvian authorities
  • RT Germany - YouTube
11.01.2021 baltic countries get their position on key international issues from the US State Department via fax
  • rubaltic.ru
Baltic states, US
06.01.2021 A new wave of migration from the baltic states will follow after the pandemic
  • Sputnik Lithuania
Latvia, Baltic states, Estonia, Lithuania
04.01.2021 Poland and Lithuania will continue their active interference in the situation in Belarus
  • Sputnik Poland
EU, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland
26.12.2020 EU’s historical revisionism contributes to neo-Nazi trends in Ukraine and the baltic states
  • Imhoclub
EU, Ukraine, Baltic states
25.12.2020 The West promised that NATO will not move eastward
  • eadaily.com
24.12.2020 Russophobia is the basic ideology of politicians in the baltic states
  • Sputnik Lithuania
Latvia, Russia, Baltic states, Estonia, Lithuania
08.12.2020 Violation of freedom of speech in Central and Eastern Europe supervised by the US
  • Baltnews Lithuania
Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, US, Poland
07.12.2020 NATO is preparing to use force against Belarus
  • Ritm Evrazii
  • Ria Novosti
  • ren.tv
Baltic states, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland