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08.04.2016 "Lukashenko's illegal opposition", financed by the West, acquires weapons via...
  • Russian Institute for Strategic Studies
  • YouTube channel
  • 3:00
Ukraine, Belarus
30.12.2016 A Maidan will take place in Belarus
  • Politrussia.com
01.04.2017 The recent anti-regime protests in Belarus were a failed attempt...
  • protiproud.parlamentnilisty.cz
UK, Belarus, US
14.01.2019 The West will stage a military conflict with the Commonwealth of Independent States
  • Sputnik Belarus
Ukraine, Belarus
14.01.2019 The West supports military expansion in Ukraine, no Russian aggression took place, escalation of conflict likely
  • Sputnik Belarus
Ukraine, Belarus
22.01.2019 Belarus survived six attempts of colour revolutions inspired by the West
  • Riafan.ru
25.01.2019 West plans Maidan in Belarus with the help of Ukrainian fighters
  • Sputnik Belarus Teleskop
Ukraine, Belarus
28.01.2019 The US prepare Ukraine-Like Maidan in Belarus
  • EurAsia Daily
  • Teleskop
30.01.2019 Ukraine plans to destabilise Belarus through its TV channel
  • teleskop-by.org Rubaltic.ru
Ukraine, Belarus
31.01.2019 West plans a Ukrainian scenario in Belarus
  • Sonar2050
Ukraine, Belarus