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05.03.2020 coronavirus is another biological war against China and Iran
  • بالتفاصيل @ RT TV Arabic [0:30 - 0:42]
  • [04:50 - 6:00]
  • [9:50 - 12:00]
  • newsaliraq
  • sahafatak
  • alkhabrpress
  • emeknes
  • albidda
  • akhbarlibya
  • elssayda
  • bbcnews1
  • saadaonline
  • akhbarlibya
Iran, China, Russia, US
23.03.2020 Ukrainian authorities do not even have the right to know what kind of research is done by US military laboratories in Ukraine
  • tvzvezda.ru
Ukraine, US
29.01.2020 The coronavirus is part of a US war against Russia and China
  • Zvezda Weekly
China, Russia, US
03.02.2020 Bill Gates is sponsoring the coronavirus
  • Zvezda TV
China, US
03.02.2020 coronavirus: A Wuhan laboratory sponsored by Soros, virus affects only Mongoloid race
  • Zvezda TV
China, US
15.04.2020 The New York Times blames Putin for US health system collapse in face of novel coronavirus
  • Ahí les Va - YouTube
Russia, US
06.05.2020 Americans funded laboratory research in Wuhan and are guilty of coronavirus outbreak
  • Pervyi kanal
China, Russia, US
20.03.2020 Healthcare in the West is in terrible condition
  • Sergey Mikheyev - YouTube
EU, Russia, US
08.02.2020 US military might have released the coronavirus to challenge China
  • Voenaia Taina @ Ren.tv time 22:05-22:57
China, US
23.03.2020 Belarusian opposition plans genocide with coronavirus-infected, Soros funded, test tubes, given by Pompeo
  • Vitbich
Belarus, US