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18.04.2020 coronavirus was developed by biologists to create a vaccine against AIDS
  • Sputnik Azerbaijan
China, France
17.04.2020 The SARS-CoV-2 virus demonstrates visible signs of human manipulation
  • News Front - French
India, France
16.04.2020 European countries are building “an axis of friendship” with Russia
  • Sputnik Greece
EU, Italy, Greece, Russia, Germany, France
12.04.2020 The most powerful virus has been brought to Italy by Gladio, NATO’s secret terrorist network
  • business-gazeta.ru
China, Italy, Germany, France, Spain
08.04.2020 EU member states were just thinking of themselves during the coronavirus crisis
  • RT Arabic
EU, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, France
06.04.2020 The main idea behind the EU was blown out during coronavirus
  • Katehon - English
EU, Italy, Greece, Germany, France
05.04.2020 coronavirus exposes the weakness of European humanism
  • Sputnik Greece
Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia, Russia, Germany, France
02.04.2020 EU tries to finish off with Italy amid coronavirus, because the country opposed Russia sanctions
  • Pervyi Kanal
Italy, Germany, France
30.03.2020 French president is the symbol of Western moral decay, which caused the coronavirus
  • News Front - French
EU, Russia, France
27.03.2020 The coronavirus is surprisingly selective
  • fondsk.ru
Italy, Mongolia, China, US, France, Spain