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17.01.2021 Sputnik V vaccine will stop pandemic
  • Sputnik Lithuania - Russian,
  • Sputnik Lithuania,
  • Ria Novosti,
  • 5-tv.ru,
  • Sputnik Abkhazia - Russian
EU, US, Russia
16.01.2021 Ukrainian marines rebel against unknown vaccine testing
  • novoross.info
16.01.2021 COVID-19 is a multi-purpose biological weapon
  • Livenews.am
15.01.2021 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is dangerous as was demonstrated by deaths in Norway
  • Sputnik Czech
15.01.2021 US vaccine genetically modifies humans
  • Tsargrad - YouTube
15.01.2021 Pfizer kills, but Sputnik V is blamed: Our vaccine is stuck in the throat of the West
  • Tsargrad TV
14.01.2021 Sputnik V is world's first coronavirus vaccine with over 90% efficacy
  • Sputnik English
12.01.2021 The World Health Organisation never officially declared COVID-19 a global pandemic
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
Europe, China
11.01.2021 The real aim of vaccination plans is to euthanise people and decrease human population
  • observateurcontinental.fr,
  • reseauinternational.net
EU, France, US
10.01.2021 Bloomberg provides reasons to trust Russian vaccine Sputnik V
  • Sputnik Lithuania - Russian,
  • RT Russia,
  • lenta.ru,
  • 1prime.ru,
  • Izvestia,
  • regnum.ru,
  • vz.ru
China, Russia