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19.04.2020 WHO may be involved in a plot to reduce global population
28.04.2020 The WHO is part of the global government, coronavirus is a pretext for a global colour revolution
  • Stoletie
Italy, Serbia, Russia, US
14.08.2020 The WHO and Microsoft sabotaged the Russian vaccine against coronavirus
  • Sputnik Spain
UK, Russia, US
18.05.2020 The West is blackmailing everyone: if you don't go to Bill gates for a vaccine, millions will die
  • Tsargrad TV
Russia, US
01.02.2020 The US owns the coronavirus and its cure
  • almayadeen
  • katehon
  • annabaa
  • azzaman
  • al-binaa
  • shaamtimes
  • aleshraq
  • dampress
  • syrianownews
  • almajd
  • darhaya
  • arabitoday
  • alderaah-news
  • news-sinaa
  • elsob7
  • egysaudi
  • alsharqtimes
China, US
07.05.2020 The Masters of Darkness invented the COVID-19 and seek world domination
  • Journal of New Eastern Outlook
  • Journal of New Eastern Outlook - Russian
17.11.2020 The Great Reset, a global plan by the secret elites seeks to subjugate humanity
  • Georgia and the World
  • Tvm.ge
  • Katyusha
13.03.2020 The decision to go ahead on the coronavirus pandemic was taken at the Davos Forum by the Rothschilds and the gates
  • SouthFront - English
15.05.2020 The coronavirus vaccine will reduce the population
  • flux.md
13.03.2020 The coronavirus moves us towards a totalitarian state of the world and the introduction of Agenda ID2020
  • SouthFront - English