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16.06.2020 Euromaidan was a coup d'etat financed by global corporations
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
  • Geopolitica.ru - English
  • Oriental Review
Ukraine, US
18.06.2020 Civil war is possible in the USA, Biden is already talking about a coup
  • 60 minut @Rossiya 1 - YouTube
26.06.2020 Ukraine is a collapsing, degrading state with no sovereignty and rule of law
  • antifashist.com
28.06.2020 The US empire staged a secret coup in Ukraine in 2014
  • Sputnik Germany
Ukraine, US
25.06.2020 John Bolton’s book is part of a soft coup against Trump
  • Sputnik Spain
18.06.2020 Russia has neutralised many Western attempts to topple the Belarusian government
  • ukraina.ru
Russia, Belarus
18.06.2020 The West pursues a Maidan policy towards Belarus to encircle Russia
  • zvezdaweekly.ru
  • News Front - Russian
Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, US
03.07.2020 The Ukrainian regime is a junta led by war criminals
  • News Front - Hungarian
  • politnavigator.net
Russia, Ukraine
04.07.2020 Newsweek explains how the US coup in Iran will end
  • News Front - Spanish
Iran, US
18.06.2020 The USA is planning a coup in Bulgaria in order to subsequently blame Russia
  • News Front - Bulgarian
Bulgaria, Russia, US