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26.02.2021 UN and German statements about the "terror" of Crimean Tatars are fiction
  • regnum.ru,
  • aif.ru,
  • riafan.ru,
  • ria.ru,
  • tass.ru
Ukraine, Russia, Germany
26.02.2021 Lithuanian anti-disinformation initiative financed by a known fake news source
  • lt.sputniknews.ru
25.02.2021 The liquidation of the Centre of the Russian Culture and Language in Krakow is a manifestation of phobia and chauvinism similar to the inter-war discrimination of the Jews
  • pl.sputniknews.com
Russia, Poland
25.02.2021 It is the EU who acts like an adversary, not Russia
  • sputnik-georgia.com
EU, Russia
25.02.2021 The UK and the West fund an information war against Russia
  • www.politnavigator.net
UK, Russia, Baltic states
25.02.2021 The US and NATO try to demonise Russia and display the usual Russophobia
  • sputniknews.lt,
  • ria.ru
US, Russia
25.02.2021 Finns choosing Sputnik V for vaccination
  • sputniknews.lt
Russia, Finland
24.02.2021 Ukraine, Baltic states discriminate against Russian language
  • RT Russia
Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia
24.02.2021 Crimea rejoined Russia following a referendum
  • www.wtani.com,
  • nuomnews.com,
  • www.misrday.com,
  • akhbarak.net,
  • mn2ol.com,
  • newsformy.com,
  • klivehub.com,
  • suhufnet.net,
  • arabic.sputniknews.com
Russia, Ukraine
24.02.2021 New sanctions on Russia humiliate the EU
  • sputniknews.lt
EU, Russia