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25.02.2020 Kaliningrad is a "security threat" to NATO
  • katehon AR
  • Almayadeen
  • annabaa
  • al-binaa
  • aleshraq
  • almajd
  • arabiyaa
  • beiruttimes
24.02.2020 Coronavirus is an ethnic biological weapon
  • katehon AR
  • rai alyoum
  • arabiyaa
  • safir press
China, US, Georgia
15.08.2017 Former head of MI6: British and US intelligence services had a secret plan to destabilise russia
  • kolokolrussia.ru
UK, Russia, US, Georgia
25.09.2017 Finland, Estonia and Hungary are pushing russia's Finno-Ugric peoples to separate from russia
  • kp.ru
Hungary, Russia, Estonia, Finland
13.02.2019 The US incites russian teenagers to participate in street protests
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
Russia, US
16.02.2017 EU's public diplomacy programmes in russia aim at an "internal...
  • life.ru
10.06.2020 The organisers of "colour revolutions" in the CIS aim to destabilise the situation in russia
  • life.ru
Russia, Ukraine, Georgia
06.03.2018 As long as Europe is united, it is trying to capture russia: it happened like that, when Europe was under Napoleon and Hitler, and it is happening like that now
  • Mesto vstrechi @NTV TV-channel
  • 1:31:17
17.10.2017 The protests by the supporters of Mikheil Saakashvili were organised by the US in order to destabilize russia before the presidential election
  • NTV - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine, US
27.02.2018 The US intelligence services are planning to kill one of the presidential candidates in russia
  • NTV - YouTube
Russia, US