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24.06.2019 The West engineered the anti-russian protests in Georgia
  • RT (rt.com)
Russia, Georgia
13.08.2019 Wikipedia is paid to confront russia
  • RT Arabic
13.12.2019 Italy is most affected by the russian sanctions
  • RT Arabic
Italy, Russia
05.11.2019 Naftogaz of Ukraine blackmails russia
  • RT Russian
Russia, Ukraine
12.04.2019 EU aims at destabilising the political situation in Belarus through controlled media
  • RT Russian
  • Sozh
06.03.2020 No fake news comes from russia
  • RT Arabic (ar.rt.com)
  • RT Arabic - YouTube
UK, Russia
04.05.2020 The EU provoked a civil war in Ukraine, now it destabilises Belarus
  • rubaltic.ru
  • Teleskop
  • News Front - Russian
EU, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland
26.06.2019 The protests in Georgia were US rehearsal for a colour revolution in Belarus
  • RuBaltic.ru
Russia, Belarus, US, Georgia
16.08.2017 Former Chief of MI6 disclosed a strategic plan of the United States and Britain aimed at russia’s fragmentation
  • Sakinform
UK, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia
17.09.2019 The purpose of removing the monument to Marshall Konev is to induce hatred towards russia
  • Sputnik
Czech Republic, Russia