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19.11.2019 Washington is likely to launch a war against russia
  • Sputnik News
Russia, US
29.02.2016 CIA started destabilizing russia
  • svobodnenoviny.eu
Czech Republic, USSR, Russia, US
06.04.2016 Turkey is behind the outbreak of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
  • svobodnenoviny.eu
Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, US
30.10.2018 The US has prepared for a war against russia since year 2000, Trident Juncture is a move from theory to practise
  • TV Zvezda
Russia, US
25.10.2018 The West has always had a plan of exterminating russia
  • Vecher c Vladimirom Solovievym @ Rossiya 1
  • 1:03:40
25.10.2018 The West has approved a new ‘Barbarossa’ plan to attack russia, russia needs ‘funeral teams to bury NATO soldiers’
  • Vecher c Vladimirom Solovievym @ Rossiya 1
  • timing 1.10; 6.35; 13.19; 43.05
Russia, Ukraine, Germany
01.02.2018 The US is preparing Moldova for a hybrid war with russia
  • Vkurse.md
16.09.2019 The West destroyed the USSR and is currently targeting the Union State between Belarus and russia
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
UK, USSR, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, US
02.03.2017 The new American administration will aim to control russia, or...
  • Voenno Promyshlenyi Kurier
Russia, US
01.04.2019 NATO is aiming to break russia down
  • Vremya Pokazhet (00:16:00) @ Channel One TV