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03.04.2016 NATO wants to encircle russia and the Alliance is behind...
  • fort-russ.com
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia
02.07.2017 NATO is encircling russia
  • eurasia24.cz
12.09.2017 Washington has declared a war to Moscow with placing military bases around russia
  • Vremya pokazhet @Pervyi kanal
  • 18.33
Russia, US
21.09.2017 The West is preparing to attack russia
  • Vremya pokazhet @Channel One
  • 33:15
29.10.2017 The United States is considering delivering deadly weapons to Ukraine. They want the conflict to escalate.
  • novarepublika.cz
Russia, Ukraine, US
31.10.2017 Estonia has opened a new military base in the town of Tapa under the pretext of fear of a russian attack.
  • Sputnik Czech
Russia, Baltic states, Estonia
23.11.2017 In 1939, Finland was just like Ukraine is now
  • OTR
  • Sankt-Peterburg
Italy, Denmark, UK, Norway, USSR, Russia, Germany, Finland, Sweden
15.01.2018 The Anglo-Saxons rule America “from abroad” and are now trying to control russia
  • Petr Tolstoy's "Vremya Pokazhet"
North Korea, Russia, US
25.01.2018 Nato forgot all the previously existing agreements, made former socialist countries join it and besieged russia
30.07.2018 NATO plans to break up russia
  • RT English
Latvia, Russia