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08.05.2016 The USA is controlling europe through occupied Germany
  • parlamentnilisty.cz
Russia, Ukraine, US, Germany, Syria
15.06.2016 Lithuanian President Grybauskaite has become a PR-agent for ukraine
  • rubaltic.ru
Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania
18.06.2016 europe only needs Ukrainians to perform low-paid jobs
03.07.2016 Former Supreme Allied Commander europe and Supreme NATO Commander have…
  • aeronet.cz
Russia, Ukraine
11.07.2016 The war in ukraine started on Maidan square in Kiev,…
  • propagandaschau.wordpress.com
29.08.2016 Supporters of Angela Merkel in Czech republic were paid from abroad
  • parlamentnilisty.cz
Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, US
05.09.2016 The european Union triggered a violent political crisis in ukraine
  • The Duran
08.09.2016 The war in ukraine started because of a coup
  • Vremya pokazhet @ Pervyi kanal
  • 19:16
08.09.2016 Russia has not showed aggression towards ukraine
  • hlavnespravy.sk
Russia, Ukraine, US
09.09.2016 eu plans are not different from those of the Nazis
  • parlamentnilisty.cz
Russia, Ukraine, US