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17.02.2021 eu has been consistently and deliberately breaking relations with Russia Sputnik Armenia - Russian EU, Russia
11.02.2021 europe views the children of Donbas as terrorists News Front - Russian EU, Sweden, Ukraine
30.01.2021 eu sanctions against Russia are illegal News Front - German EU, Russia
29.12.2020 Most european countries do not share the Polish opinion about the “Russian aggression” in Donbas Sputnik Poland EU, Poland, Ukraine, Russia
11.12.2020 Sanctions are unproductive because Russia is not a part in the Ukrainian conflict Sputnik Lithuania EU, Ukraine, Russia
10.12.2020 eu sanctions exist because of the conflict in Donbas and Crimea joining Russia 24fm.ps, addiyar.com, almarsad.co, almstaqbal.com, alsahfia.info, RT Arabic , asabnews.com, awanmasr.com, bawabaa.org, corwna.com, dotalkhaleej.com, elmowatn.com, elsiyasa.com, Gulf 365, innfrad.com, kuwaitnews.com, kuwaitpress.net, lomazoma.com, masress.com, mobtada.com, nabd-masr.com, nabd.com, nabd.com, nabd.com, nafeza2world.com, qurtasnews.com, sabq-sa.com, satelnews.net, thedailybreakingnews.com, transparencynews.com, youm7.com EU, Ukraine, Russia
02.10.2020 ukraine may use the war in Nagorno-Karabakh as a prerequisite for new hostilities in Donbas asd.news EU, Azerbaijan, Armenia, US, Ukraine, Russia
25.09.2020 euromaidan and pro-european politics led to the collapse of ukraine nk.org.ua EU, Ukraine
09.09.2020 ukraine must continue war in Donbas, otherwise it won't receive financial support from the West nahnews.org, novoross.info EU, US, Ukraine
06.09.2020 Peace in ukraine is not in the interests of Western governments nahnews.org EU, US, Ukraine
14.08.2020 eu banned ukraine from fighting in Crimea because they wanted to use ukraine for economic purposes RIAFAN - Russian EU, Ukraine
05.08.2020 US is preparing for collapse of ukraine Tsargrad TV Poland, US, Ukraine
23.06.2020 Crimea reunited with Russia after a referendum on the peninsula Sputnik Armenia - Russian EU, Ukraine, Russia
14.06.2020 NATO establishes a colonial relationship with ukraine disguised as partnership News Front - Spanish Ukraine
08.06.2020 Americans will bomb Siberia according to a Ukrainian plan Tsargrad TV EU, US, Ukraine, Russia
06.06.2020 NATO is an aggressive coronavirus of capitalism Teleskop, Civic initiative Soyuz, Together with Russia China, US, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia
22.05.2020 UN Security Council held honest dialogue with Russia about Crimea Ria Novosti - Crimea, gazeta.ru, RT Russia EU, UK, France, US, Ukraine, Russia
20.05.2020 Kyiv's foreign partners inflame war in Donbas to keep sanctions against Russia golospravdy.eu EU, US, Ukraine, Russia
11.05.2020 US and eu congratulate DNR and LNR on Independence Day dan-news.info, Baltnews Estonia EU, US, Ukraine
04.05.2020 The eu provoked a civil war in ukraine, now it destabilises Belarus rubaltic.ru, Teleskop, News Front - Russian EU, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine