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21.04.2020 Due to coronavirus, the West's tolerance to Nazism and racism will increase
  • Imhoclub
China, EU, Africa, Russia, Ukraine
02.04.2020 eu has buried its plans to expand to Moldova and ukraine, but the current crisis might kill the Union
  • katehon
  • alme7war
  • RT web AR
  • alghad
  • worldnews-sy
  • almadar
  • albidda
  • akhbarlibya
  • elwehda
EU, Moldova, Ukraine, Syria
01.04.2020 Blaming China for COVID-19 is a ploy, like blaming Russia for MH17
  • Journal of New Eastern Outlook
EU, Russia, Ukraine, US, The Netherlands, Syria
31.03.2020 The coronavirus epidemic proves that the eu has abandoned ukraine
  • News Front - Russian
EU, Ukraine
24.03.2020 The Polish establishment is mad about the Russian help to Italy
  • Sputnik Poland
Italy, Russia, Poland
16.03.2020 The Hague court did not recognise the sovereignty of ukraine over Crimea
  • vz.ru
  • nahnews.org
  • riafan.ru
Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands
11.03.2020 The eu is a warring party in the war in ukraine
  • Sputnik Germany
Russia, Ukraine
06.03.2020 eu loses 450 billion euros yearly because of the sanctions against Russia adopted under the US diktat
  • RT France
Russia, US, France
28.02.2020 A US citizen reveals the truth about how his country created the crisis in ukraine
  • NewsFront Spanish
Russia, Ukraine, US
20.02.2020 LNR and DNR declared their independence after the coup d'etat in Kyiv
  • Sputnik Italia