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19.02.2020 Ukrainian-Russian relations corrupted by a coup d'état
  • Sputnik web Arabic
  • thenationpress
  • alhemyarianews
  • newsaliraq
  • emeknes
  • albidda
  • bbcnews1
  • saadaonline
Russia, Ukraine
17.02.2020 ukraine does not implement the Minsk agreements because it is controlled by the West
  • Sputnik Deutschland
Russia, Ukraine, US
17.02.2020 Polish authorities are obsessed with an idea of reconstruction of a modern Polish Empire
  • Sputnik Polska
Ukraine, Belarus, Poland
17.02.2020 Belarus moves towards complete colonization by the West
  • Regnum
Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Belarus, US, Germany, Poland
16.02.2020 The US has recognised euromaidan as a coup controlled by US officials
  • NTV @ Bolshaya igra
  • time 21:07 - 21:52
Ukraine, US
15.02.2020 OSCE has never recorded the presence of Russian military in Donbas
  • Bolshaya igra @ Channel 1 time 00:43:53-00:44:10
Russia, Ukraine
13.02.2020 The West falsely accuses Russia of election meddling
  • Sputnik News
UK, Russia, Ukraine, US
08.02.2020 "Berkut" soldiers did not commit any crimes during coup d'etat in ukraine
  • Sputnik Germany
25.01.2020 US vassals question the outcome and results of the WWII
  • Sputnik Armenia
Ukraine, Baltic states, US, Poland
20.01.2020 eu accepts a Kyiv government, filled to the brim with Nazis
  • South Front