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13.01.2021 The SS reflects the modern ideology of the Latvian authorities
  • RT Germany - YouTube
26.12.2020 EU's historical revisionism contributes to neo-Nazi trends in Ukraine and the Baltic states
  • Imhoclub
EU, Baltic states, Ukraine
04.12.2020 Russophobic Latvian political establishment wants to have 300,000 pureblood Latvian families
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
US, Latvia
25.11.2020 The West uses neo-Nazis to destabilise Russia and its neighbouring states
  • Tsargrad TV,
  • antimaydan.info,
  • rusdozor.ru
EU, US, Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia
22.10.2020 Europe supports the revival of fascism
  • eadaily.com
Moldova, Belarus, Baltic states, Ukraine
04.09.2020 Nazi ideology is on the rise again in a number of OSCE participating states
  • RT Russia
Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia
11.06.2020 Facebook uses Ukrainian Nazis to fight Russian presence
  • tvzvezda.ru
Poland, US, Baltic states, Ukraine
11.05.2020 Ukraine and the Baltic states want to present the USSR as an “absolute evil” in WWII
  • Sputnik Poland
Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia
28.04.2020 “Fake history” became a norm in the Western world
  • Sputnik Poland
EU, Poland, Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia
27.04.2020 The EU is Hitler's 'New Europe', its goal is to colonise Russia and Eurasian space
  • Teleskop,
  • Podneprovie,
  • Berestje News
EU, Germany, Belarus, Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia